Women's Fleece Lined Leggings

Color : Grey
Size : S
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Size Chart
Size Pant Length Waist Hip
S 89cm | 35.0 in 32cm | 12.6 in 38cm | 15.0 in
M 90cm | 35.4 in 33.5cm | 13.2 in 39.5cm | 15.6 in
L 91cm | 35.8 in 35cm | 13.8 in 41cm | 16.1 in
XL 92cm | 36.2 in 36.5cm | 14.4 in 42.5cm | 16.7 in
XXL 93cm | 36.6 in 38cm | 15.0 in 44cm | 17.3 in

Stop Freezing!

You want a beautiful shape even on cold days, despite thick winter clothes?

The Cloudy Leggings highlights your beautiful body and wrap it in a cozy warmth.


You hardly get out of bed due to the cold and don't want to leave your warm blanket? Due to the velvety soft inner material of the Cloudy Leggings, you are always snuggled up in your soft blanket. With the perfect blend of stretchy polyester and super-soft cotton, you can't help but feel good.


 Figure-Hugging due to High-Waist

The special cut and high-waist waistband make wearing the Cloudy Leggings even more comfortable. The leggings conceal the right places, provide maximum comfort and stay permanently in shape!


 Plush & Thick Inlining

Distinguishing our Cloudy Leggings from a blanket is harder than you might think. That's because we've selected the thickest, plushest cotton for superior warmth.

But what makes our leggings so special?

They have a thick, plush interior that effectively insulates the heat. At the same time, it doesn't look too thick visually and doesn't make for shapeless legs.

 Elastic Waistband

The elastic waistband keeps your leggings where they need to be. Whether you're going shopping with them, have to quickly catch the bus or start another yoga session - with the Cloudy Leggings you're sure of your comfort!

Plus, the cut provides maximum coverage and tightens any problem areas underneath. Ensure smooth lines where you want them!

 Stay-Dry Technology

The specially designed Stay-Dry technology means you don't have to worry about sweat building up or anything like that. Sweat is easily wicked away, keeping you dry and comfortable and preventing chafing!